About netbux.org

the initial concept behind netbux in 2005 was:
At Netbux, we pay our members to search the internet. You will earn $0.02 for every search you make for up to 40 paid searches per day, therefore the maximum pay per day for your individual searching is $0.80. Note: A paid search is one that is unique to your other searches, meaning that you will not get paid for searching the same thing twice. To make things even better, you will also earn $0.02 for every search that your referrals make for up to 40 searches a day as well! Therefore the maximum pay per day for each referral is $0.80. The more referrals, the more money! Upon registration, you will be given a unique referral url (also located in your 'stats' area) that you can give out to your friends, post it on your website, blog, etc.

Do you think that was great? Maybe but not for many... the site shut down pretty soon again

netbux.org - It's dead JIM!

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