Cheapest Smartphone in the US for 2018

Android smartphones are increasingly flooding the market. Any smartphone vendor presents a wide range of smartphones from affordable, medium, up to premium. Whether you are an Android user wants to replace smartphones and Android is looking for an affordable price, but got the best features? 1. Moto G5 Plus A double camera technology previously only […]

What Needs To Be Done When The Mobile Phone Is Lost?

Who doesn’t panic when the mobile phone is lost? All of the people. But you don’t get freaked out too long. Calm yourself and remember what needs to be done when the mobile phone is lost. The cause of the missing can be varied. Can stolen or just tucked away somewhere. But whatever it is, […]

Don’t panic When Smartphones get wet, this is the solution!

When inundated, components can be damaged and yours smartphone functionality so distracted. Unless you have been provided the smartphone features water resistant. Have you ever panicked because of the smartphone you get wet? Freaking out because there are a lot of important data on smartphones, such as photos, documents and video. Relax, you have a […]