Edit Video 360 directly from Mobile

What will you do after recording video 360 with mobile? Of course edit. V360 is probably the right application for it. You can edit the 360 videos directly from your smartphone.

Just like other video editing applications, the application focus V360 is able to perform quick and easy editing. If you include people who make a hobby of film from the handphone, of course we understand the importance of this. Especially if you have a camera, such as the Samsung 360 Gear 360, Ricoh Theta 360, Nikon Key Mission, Insta360 water, etc.

Fundamentally, the application features V360 is equal to other video editing applications.


  • Combine video clips,
  • Trim video clips,
  • Organize the collection of video clips
  • Add background music from the collections in the application or your collection
  • Export video to Camera Roll edit results
  • Supports 4 k resolution
  • Send to favorite social media


The difference, of course, the V360 edits video created specifically for 360.

Frankly, even if I have to install this app, I haven’t had time to try it out for editing video. The reason is simple. Currently I don’t have a 360 video collection. Therefore, this article is not a review. Just sharing only. I think this information is useful for you, the filmmaker.


See V360 at Play Store


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