How Snakehead Fish Farming

Snakehead fish farming could arguably not as popular as other freshwater fish. However, if we look deeper, it turns out that this fish farming could produce enough promising turnover.

Believe it or not, these fish have essential amino acids and non-essential. In fact, these fish are believed to be capable of helping the process of healing Burns, lung infections, hepatitis and was able to meet the needs of the body, so good nutrition are given to pregnant women, infants and children. Just a pity, his popularity is not yet as famous as other fresh fish. Hence it is rare, people tried this fish farming business.

There are three types of snakehead fish most commonly cultivated:

1. Great Snackhead

2. Forest Snackhead

3. Channa Gacua, Cork’s most types of fish are small and most often cultivated. Its shape is similar to a snake, the sleek and agile like a catfish. So be careful when trying this fish farming because the fish can jump to other areas. Similar to catfish.

Cultivation Of Fish Livestock Cork, Is Profitable?

Arguably a few lazy people may try this fish cultivation because the harvest is very long, that is 6-7 month. If the early open efforts have certainly lazy people because they have to willingly discard energy caring for the fish to large.

Not to mention if the fish dies. It can be stressful when people expect a profit quickly. If you belong to one of these people, then the fish business is not suitable for you

Fish farming involves Outdoor Tarps, soil, or concrete

You can choose where fish farming Cork, which best suits your situation. The options are outdoor tarps, soil, or concrete.

Customize the fish farming in accordance with proficiency. Do not force myself to use a place that needed a large capital because it will burden You later.

Select Parent fish of snakehead males and females

To run this fish farming venture, you must select sires fish males and females who have good quality. This will greatly effect on crop yields will be obtained later.

To distinguish males and female fish, we could see it from the marks on her body. Milter form the head tends to be oval and its body, darker, there are parts of the genital orifice is red on the lower part of his body.

Snakehead fish females are usually lighter-colored body with a head which tend to be round. Select sires of snakehead fish males have a weight of at least 1 kg.

Snakehead Fish Spawning process

After finding the snakehead fish are sires, next you enter on the spawning process. Spawning is the process of egg release sperm fish resulting in fertilization.

On the process of spawning, we put in about 30 male and 30 female sires into the tub in the same spawning. This could be a spawning place tubs made from concrete, measuring 7x4x2 meters. Inside the concrete tubes, we can add the water as high as 50 cm and let the water flow.

In addition, the concrete tubes can also be added the plant water hyacinth in order to make the fish more comfortable in the spawning process.

The process of spawning fish will make the Cork female lay eggs. The eggs could be taken with sekupnet smooth tool and let the eggs hatched naturally.

In this process, we must be diligent in performing controls on the pond. The reason, one of the females can spawn turns out sires 10 thousand more eggs in the pond.

Hatching Eggs snakehead Fish

So we can more easily control the condition of the egg, it would be better if the process of hatching eggs is done on the aquarium. You need to setup an aquarium sized 65x45x45 cm. Fill aquarium with water as high as 40 cm, and keep the temperature of the water reaches 20 degrees Celsius.

Enter the fish eggs in the aquarium as much as 4-6 grains per centimeter squared. This fish eggs will hatch about 24 hours after it is put into the Aquarium.

After the eggs hatch, the larvae of these fish do not need to be directly given to eat for two days. The reason, this small fish still have a reserve of food in her body after they hatch.

Snakehead fish larvae after the age of 2 days, we could provide food like Artemia nauplii, with rations to eat 3 times a day. You also need to keep the density of the Aquarium, i.e. 5 larvae per 1 liter of water. After 5 days, we could give this fish larvae food additives, such as daphnia as much as 3 x a day. Note the quality of the water in the aquarium so that the larvae can survive

Spreading the seed fish and Graze

If the seed of the snakehead fish is already aged 2 weeks, then it’s time to spread out into the pool. One thing we have to remember, a week before the seeds are inserted into the fish pond be sure that the water in the pool was not piped over the past week.

The morning is the most ideal time to incorporate the seed of this fish into the pool. After these fish are in the pond, do not provide food for 2 days. After two days, we could give this fish food in the form of flour pellets about 2 pounds.

While in the pool, pay attention to the snakehead fish feed. In addition to pellets, we can also provide a feed from saplings termites, anchovies, meat and fibrous. These fish usually eat small fish as well. In addition, make sure not to eat late in delivering on these fish. The reason, fish Cork including fish cannibals. So, this fish can eat each other when you’re hungry and there are no other food ingredients.

What is the Main Barriers snakehead fish farming Business?

This fish was more wild than on the catfish. Because it’s good to make a higher pool of suburbs. These fish also include fish cannibals. So watch out, separate the children fish immediately so as not to be eaten by the adult fish. Not to mention the complicated process of spawning, this certainly complicates the breeders to separate small fish from the adult fish.

Fortunately, the snakehead fish not including the sensitive matter of the fish water. If it will be drained one month once it’s okay because these fish are bimodal breathing worse (wore the gills and breathe the oxygen in the air directly). The important thing there is running water despite the small and the rest of the feed or dirt in the water not too much.

Snakehead Fish Child way so as not to be eaten by Adult Fish

If creating a pond, provide only a draft tilted in the bottom of the pool, or just create a small hole so that the pond fish puppies can be stealthy and not fall prey. In addition, water hyacinth also puts to stimulate spawning fish in order for faster breeding.

There is another way to separate the baby fish by using subtle skupnet to pick up the fish eggs. Move the eggs of these fish to the Aquarium to hatch. Eggs will then hatch when it silenced in the Aquarium temperature 28 degrees with the Celsius. Within 24 hours this egg will hatch.

When the eggs hatch, don’t be fed in advance for two days. And separate the saplings mature fish 3-15 day in separate locations. Ideally in 1 liter can only be populated 5-7 tail larva. Give this feed as larvae of Artemia people 3 times a day so that the fast growing seedling. After that, the new enlargement process fish Cork started in separate pools

Snakehead fish ponds are Also Influential?

The creation of the pool to fish very influential great enlargement. We recommend that you add 5-7 sacks of dirt quail, beef or chicken (who’s been in the ring) in the pool size of 200 m2.

It aims to create a habitat for native fish and form the pH that corresponds to this fish lives in nature. After that, let the water with a height of 40 cm and let the dirt settle during 5 days. Recently, after it was given the size of the 50-100 fish nursery tails each m2.

Feeding the fish is also not complicated. Just give pellets or other animals such as the seed of the catfish. Usually when fish Cork stress they do not want to eat, so giving of seeds is very useful to stimulate them to eat more

So on how snakehead fish farming. High commitment, patience, tenacity and perseverance, you must have if you want to really want to succeed in this field. The price of fish Cork indeed high, but the process has turned out to be easy-easy is hard.



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