Measure the success of Your Blog with 8 this Parameter!

A lot of people that Thought that the accomplishment of a blogger is characterized by the large amount of revenue to be had. This statement is definitely not wrong, but perhaps not entirely true.

My own people and bloggers Are somewhat less agreed with this. Bloggers and Web sites in general certainly have dimensions and a wide location. Income is simply 1 section of several component blogs and bloggers that are said to be successful. There are at least 8 points can also be applied as a parameter of the blog plus blogger said successfully and a success. What can it be?

Following his inspection..

1. Significant Traffic

The first parameter is the Success of a blogger site traffic is high. It is said to be a sign of success because perhaps not all blogs will generate a high traffic to your own blog. So if your blog contains a great deal of visitors daily, then lucky that you’re recognized as a successful blogger.

High-traffic website itself Can be observed from visitors that arrives out of the specific IP address 1 called Unique Visitor and the complete quantity of pages viewed by people to the site which is named by the pageview.

2. The Size of the RSS subscribers

The 2nd indicator is said to be a website Success is the large amount of RSS subscribers or readers RSS. As the blog traffic, to get the number of RSS readers are very good it’s not easy. Those blogs with higher number of RSS subscribers could be categorized among the kinds of this blog and also a successful blogger.

3. The high quality of Comments

What will happen if a blog content without any comment. Of course, the site will taste dull. Any high-traffic coming, but if no one comments that look, then it is similar to vegetables without salt. Don’t underestimate the comment column, because the opinions from your customers give the feeling that the content of your site very interactive.

The Significant Number of opinions also is evidence That your blog does have a lot of visitors. However, it should also remember also that you only website together with caliber commentary (not spam) is regarded as a successful blog.

4. As Good SERP

Rank or position blog search on a search engine Page also be a parameter success site. Ranking lookup results in the search engines are often also called SERP or search engine result pages that this Provides the sense that increasingly appears on the first page of their search engines subsequently the higher your website rankings anyhow

5. The low Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is the position based on visitors at which The lower the Alexa Rank a weblog, then a greater your site traffic. Alexa Rank is indeed frequently the tips many bloggers because of its accuracy rate is good. Afterward the greater Alexa Rank a weblog in that case your website will be considered an excellent blog and successful.

6. Top Google PR

The next rankings are often used as an Index of the achievements of the blog will be Google Page Rank (Google PR). As the planet’s largest search engine, Google is so very trusted to check if or not a blog. At the scale of numbers 110, Google ranks blogs around the environment. Compared to Alexa, ranking weblog on Google PR said that the bigger Google PR amounts (e.g. PR 8), subsequently a greater PR rank of an internet blog.

7. The Awards As A Form Of Success Blog

Name of award (award) election is certainly Something that’s best. Current competition has already begun to blog much popping up with diverse award, which is given to the bloggers. Then bloggers who often award winning blog, then all parties do not seem to mind to declare that he is a powerful blogger.

8. Fame Blog or Blogger

Lastly, among these parameters and indicators of The achievement of bloggers and blogs is popularity gets. Yes, even an effective writer is Not just an issue of evaluations and site monetization, together with his blog and Personal branding owned blogger then surely the success blogger or blog may Already address it.


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