Ninja Star Origami Instructions

How To Make An Origami Star Shuriken?

How to make an Origami star – Origami Shuriken Stars are also often referred to as an origami ninja star because it is similar to the weapon used by the ninja of Japan. Origami Shuriken is one of the most popular forms and very easy to do.
 There are myriad ways or tutorials that circulate on the internet how to make origami Shuriken stars. Well, the method in this article is the most convenient method for you, who just learned to make origami.

Origami Ninja Star Instructions

Materials needed

  • Origami paper size 6 × 6 inches

1. To get started making origami Shuriken star you have to fold the paper in half horizontally. Make the folds firmly, then fold in half horizontally again. If it is, then the paper above would look something like the picture above.

2. The next step you have to fold the paper in half vertically above. Make the folds firmly, then folds above will open. Then fold the top to the left along the point folds. Fold also the bottom right along point folds. When it is finished, then the paper you seem like the image above.

3. Turn the paper, then fold in the appropriate field to make a triangle. Once that is done, then the paper you will look like the picture above. Do not forget to repeat process 1 to 3 to create a piece of paper again so that you have two pieces of paper that is the same as the picture above.

4. After two pieces of paper had said so, merge together as shown above.

5. Next step is to overwrite the last paper ranging from triangles carry, fold each triangle to overlap on the triangle.

6. The final step of this process, you can tuck the sides of the triangle end into the Pocket created by the folds in the previous step. In this step you need to wiggle the angle is a bit to fit, depending on adopting again how thick the paper used to make origami stars. Tadaa, origami star already so.

Some examples of Origami Ninja Star

1. Origami Ninja Star Place


2. Origami Ninja Star 8 Corners
3. Origami Ninja Star 6 Corners
4. Origami Ninja Star 16 Corners

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