Making Money Online Through Webinars

How to make money online through webinars

How to make money online through Webinars

Today, it’s possible to earn money through webinars. For this to happen, though, you would have to know the nitty-gritty of webinars. As long as your understanding of this tool is beyond reproach, you will be able to add it to your other strategies for making money online. In this article, we consider how to make money online using webinars.

How Do Webinars Work

When looking to make money online through webinars, it’s most important to mention that the webinar itself is free. The whole point is that you provide exceptional content, relevant to your audience and then you offer a paid product at the end.

The product that you sell at the end should be intrinsically linked the content that you have provided in the webinar itself. First you add value by giving great content and giving your audience the initial steps. Then you add the hook: “To take the knowledge learnt from the webinar to the next level, purchase this [resource]”.

If you delivered a fantastic content, taught your attendees what they needed and what they are were looking for, they will buy a product that takes this learning to the next stage.

Below I have summarised the key steps to creating a webinar that will allow you to make money online.

1. Create Great Content For Your Webinar

First, it’s worth mentioning that you when you are working out how to make money online using webinars, it’s all about the subscribers you (i.e. audience numbers). So how do you get more subscribers? Simply start by creating fantastic content that they buy into. You should try and follow this formula:

  • Pick a niche – pick something thats reasonably narrow and unique.
  • Structure your content – decide on how you will deliver your content and ensure it has a strategic format.
  • Have a great script – this is less about reading word for word and more about following the above structure and having a “cheat sheet” of facts and stats.
  • Be Visual – don’t just reply on talking. Build some visuals into your presentation (use a free tool like Canva).

2. Choose an Irresistible Offer or Product

So you know what your niche is and have structured the webinar content. Now the most important for making money online through webinars: what you are actually selling!

It goes without saying that it needs to be relevant to your audience and inline with your chosen niche. Plus as I’ve mentioned above it needs to build upon the value that you have already created with your audience.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • A subscription to specialised online educational content (using something like Teachable)
  • The purchase of a book or e-book
  • A follow up paid workshop or event

If your audience has already seen value you in what you have presented and you pitch your product or service as building on this then you will get a good conversion rate.

3. Picking the Right Time and Approach to Sell

You definitely don’t want to sell too early but nor do you want to leave right to the end of the webinar. Typically webinars can go for an hour plus. However during that time your audience numbers will fluctuate. Due to average attention spans, the peak time for the first sell will usually be about 30 minutes in.

You also want to be careful about your approach. Lopping is key. By that I mean bringing the service or product you are selling naturally into conversation. If you are selling a training course, you could say something along the lines of” “I go into this in greater detail during my course…”.

Finally when you do come to the main pitch and direct your audience to a link or buy now button, give them a limited time offer. Reward them for being part of the webinar and give them a deal thats only available to them via a promo code and give them a time limit so they are incentivised to purchase like whilst the energy is high.

4. Be Social

Just having great content will not gain you an audience. In order to make money online through webinars, you also need to be active on social media.

This is all about positioning yourself as a thought leader. That means once you have picked your niche, go immerse yourself in social channels where that niche is being discussed. Be active and get your name out there.

Then ensure that you have a way of driving respondents to that activity to your subscriber list. If you are using Facebook or LinkedIn, I’d highly recommend having a relevant group that aligns with your niche. That way you can accumulate followers by adding snippets of content and value with the larger aim of pushing them to your webinar once a fortnight or so.’

5. Collaborate

One of the easiest ways to get started is actually to collaborate with some established thought leaders in your niche. If you can get onto their webinars, podcasts or even write a guest post, you can leverage their audience to give yourself a better starting platform.

6. Choosing the Right Platform

There are loads of platforms to choose from so you need to mindful of what features you are looking for, along with what other technologies you want to plugin.

I highly recommend GoToWebinar, which is built by LogMeIn, a very popular remote desktop viewer. It is definitely one of the more easy to use platforms, with pricing starting at $89pm (AUD $109pm).

The typical features you’d be looking for are:

  • Video streaming with screen share and pitching capabilities
  • Recording capabilities
  • Attendee registration
  • Live chat system for your audience
  • Metrics tracking and Reports
  • Platform (CRM & Social Media) integrations

It does give a 7 day trial, however if you want to give a few webinars a go without committing, you could easily get away with using Zoom for free.

7. Create a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is critical making money online through webinars. Without it, your webinar would never attain the levels of success you desire. Because of this, your first step should be learning to build a sales funnel.

There are a load of tools you can use to do it yourself like:

However you may want to talk to a developer to get something custom made.

8. Planning Objection Strategy

Webinars are not immune from client objections. These objections could be in the form of suggestions or criticisms. The fact that a client has criticised you doesn’t mean they dislike what you offer. For this reason, you need a good strategy for handling these objections. By doing this, you will continue learning how to make money online, have a better rate of retention and more sales conversions.

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