Don’t panic When Smartphones get wet, this is the solution!

When inundated, components can be damaged and yours smartphone functionality so distracted. Unless you have been provided the smartphone features water resistant. Have you ever panicked because of the smartphone you get wet? Freaking out because there are a lot of important data on smartphones, such as photos, documents and video. Relax, you have a solution if the smartphone you get wet!

Don’t panic When Smartphones get wet

1. Save in the Granules of Silica Gel
Silica gel serves to absorb moisture. Therefore, when the smartphone you exposed to splashes of water and some are seeping into the smartphone, soon loose all the Smartphones that are removable and input into a pile of silica gel. In an emergency, silica gel can be replaced with rice.
2. Do not use the Hairy-Drayer
Never drain the water affected smartphone with a hairdryer. Because the hair dryer will produce hot steam could damage the components and a smartphone. Moreover, if there is still water in the components of the smartphone you can spread increasingly wide and the damage is getting worse!
3. Register your Smartphone-specific Insurance
Reserved this sloppy, obviously we cannot claim warranty. Warranty from the manufacturer usually only protects gadgets from the ravages of the flawed production. Damage beyond that, obviously the responsibility of the consumer. This is where the importance of considering the need for a protection program is more than a manufacturer’s warranty. Any decent gadgets then insured. That way, any damage as a result of ‘ accidental or unwanted ‘, would bear insurance.

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