Feel free to Update the article Blog every day, because this is the advantages that can be obtained

Running activities as a blogger is indeed going to sue someone for blogging activities remain consistent every time. And one of my blogging activities, urgent or crucial to stay run by bloggers is an update of the article. Yes, the article is indeed the main components of a blog that would indicate its existence. So the more diligent you did update the article exists, then the one blog that you have.

But instead when a blogger blog updates rarely do not exist, then the blog lag. Well from this then update the article became a very important thing to do bloggers. In addition to keeping the existence of the article, updates every day on the blog also have some advantages and its own virtue that is.

1. A content-rich Blog

The profit or surplus first do update every blog article’s heart is to make content-rich blog. Yes, this is an automatic thing happening if you do. Just imagine when you want to and consistently fill your blog with 1 article in 1 day so in a year you will get 365 articles.

This figure, of course, is very high if you can consistently do this update. With consistent with 1 article 1 today only it will be ensured that your blog will be rich in content.

2. Blog so Crowded

When you consistently update articles every day to blog, then in addition will create content rich, this condition will also make your blog so crowded. Many why? Of course, many because many visitors visited.

As visitors crowded the more than certain blog you will get high traffic. With high traffic then you have a great opportunity to get a lot of opportunities like Google Adsense or affiliate with the company or the cooperation of the other party.

3.  Reputation Blog so Qualified

Who does not want his blog so many references to people in search of information. Of course, this is the dream of many bloggers. With the number of people who trust your blog as a source of information then the reputation of your blog will be more qualified.

This of course is a very good thing for those of you who have a dream to build a nice and useful blog. When reputation is so large you get then it is your goal to do a blog monetization will be able to easily achieve.

4. Increase Vocabulary and knowledge of the Blogger

Furthermore, excess or gain an update writing blog every day is going to improve Your vocabulary and knowledge about many things. Yes, when you consistently write articles on the blog with original writings, then of course you will be forced to take out the words (vocabulary) to be able to make writing so good. This is an automatic thing such as You can master various techniques of dribble when you used to play football.

In addition to increasing vocabulary, with frequent updating blog, you’ll also have a lot of knowledge. Yes, how not, when you created the article in its original inevitably does not want You to be forced to read a number of books or content. Well from this then Your information or knowledge about a lot of things will be more obtainable.

5. The Brain Used To Think Fast

Writing articles do require a quick intellect to be able to link words. This obviously cannot be done by the person only if the tracing assignment must be diligent bloggers writing articles. Therefore, if You avidly and often increasingly writing original articles then the power and speed of the thinking brain will be sharpened. To get this ability is indeed needed a lot of practice as well as wanting to be a professional football player.

6. Upgrade Type

Lastly, the advantages of doing an update article in blog every day is increasing the ability of typing. Yes, like the habit of players dribble the ball a world that had become, then you frequently write articles for the blog will automatically increase the skill or ability of typing on the PC or laptop keyboard.

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