How to join the advertising in newspapers?

How to join the advertising in newspapers

The most important aspect of a business is to make a sale, whether a product or service. If there are no sales, there is no business that will last a long time. And every sale is always preceded by a promotion or advertising. Have you ever noticed the page ad in the newspaper? Have you read them all? Definitely not! I’m sure you just read the ads of your interest only. Most of the ads you don’t read at all. And almost everyone is doing the same thing with you.



After you read the ads of your interest, whether you make a purchase? Maybe not as well, as it turns out the ads were not able to keep you interested and concerned with the products sold. The goal of every advertisement is to sell a product or service offered. If the sale does not occur, it means that the ad did not manage to do its job properly.

You certainly don’t want your ads like that. Successful ads must meet the elements in a classic formula:

  •  Draw the reader’s attention (Attention)
  • Keep the reader interested with the products offered (Interest)
  • Make readers eager to have these products (Desire)
  • Make the reader do the expected actions (Action)


A media classified ads usually featuring dozens, or even hundreds of ads per page. And your ad is just one of them. How, in such a short time, your ad can attract the reader’s attention?
Make the title (headline) ads, which make the reader was surprised. If the media does not provide the column headings (such as classified ads in the newspaper), make it a surprise that the initial sentence in your ad.
Use the words ‘ milky ‘ that compels the reader sees your ad.
Examples of the words ‘ milky ‘: confidential, free, guarantee, bonuses, easy, fast, money, BEST SELLER, the story is real, safe, reliable, PROVEN, automated, discount, excellent, GUARANTEED


As soon as your ad gets the attention of the reader, make the reader interested with your product. Point out the most important benefit of your product, which they get from other products. You should be able to withstand the readers, to tell us what you want to read it all. Therefore, if necessary, you can longer use the words ‘ milky ‘ so that they don’t distract from your ad.


Make the reader interested alone was not enough. You should make readers eager to have this product you have to offer by showing the benefits, uniqueness, and excellence of your products compared to other products. Show us something in your product that can make the reader feel happier, richer, healthier, or if you have a product.


If Your ad doesn’t make the reader any action after reading your ad, does that mean … Your ad useless.
You have to lure readers to act as you expect. Example:
“Order now at 021-9998889”
“Get more information at”
Well … There is now a task for you,
  • Gather 20 classified ads from which you can get from the newspaper or the internet. Please note … Which ads are most successful according to you? Next make the analysis of why these ads worked, and why others are not advertising.
  •  If you have a product to sell, make 10 different classified ads for the product. Then consider and select one of the nicest ads did you. If possible, show us the commercials you made for some friends near you. Ask for their opinions, which ads are most flattering according to them. Compare the results with your preferred last, just not?




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