5 important things before and after Change Theme WordPress

For most people in particular who just started using WordPress definitely replace the theme’s become things easy and like no problem, but actually the biggest problem could have arisen only because of the change theme although a few seconds only. Why can happen? Yes, because each theme has a different code quality and have the structure and systems of work. Damage can also be due to the mismatch between the themes that are used and the plugin is active. After reading this post I hope no more damage that arises only because of the change theme or even just a fad change theme, here I share things to note before changing/do WordPress themes:

#1 Back Up!

Backing Up there is an exclamation, means mandatory, this trivial thing that Weve always underestimate or forgotten when its function is very useful. For example, when replacing a theme, then the crash, then when it’s back again using the previous theme that it feels are no longer the same. This is the back-up function. The second time still feels the same, staying just restore backup file, then all problems is finished and the site is back as before without any fatal damage.

#2 Note

This is required for all of you who made changes to a theme such as replacing one or multiple files like the theme footer. php/header. php/single.php and more. If you make the changes, please write only where the changes are made. These notes will be helpful later when you guys have already changed the theme, when it wants to apply the same changes to the theme new living just follow the existing entry. Note This can also help you guys remind any file changed when he returned to the theme of time.

#3 Maintenance Mode

It is not mandatory for the owners of the servers/hosting outstanding fast, but for shared hosting and hosting other types of weak are advised to use Maintenance Mode plugin. Maintenance Mode it displays the look of being in care/under construction area.

That way, visitors will know that the site is being built or maintained and likely visitors will come back again after the treatment is finished. This can also help you guys avoid error when an update /change the theme. When replacing the theme could have been the crash in the middle of the road, when the damage that happens then the site will display a Maintenance Mode WordPress version or maybe could be even be shown the error. But when using the Maintenance Mode plugin will display a little more interesting.

#4 Reviews

This is no less important, you guys need to review/review while studying whether the themes that will be used and whether it is a nice fit with the system of the site? We never know if not, find out, therefore, now begin to find out more about the themes that will be used. For example, you guys are planning on replacing it with A theme, then find out about such A theme, visit his website or visit the WordPress directory then see reviews from other users because it will really help you. Even when you need to read some of the comments about the theme until it finds a deficiency and excess of the theme.

#5 Testing

Be sure to check if the theme was functioning and did not leave the former from the old theme, this is common therefore directed to check the front page of the site, whether it is functioning properly or not?

If there is a need (usually there is always a) tidy up and instantly fix before many visitors see. In addition to the display, the function should also note carefully since it does not cover the possibility that replacing the theme will eliminate some of the functions that is caused by the structure and quality of code between different themes. Please try one by one function is there to make sure everything goes well.



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