Want To Be A Blogger? Have the following basic capabilities

The profession as a blogger this time is indeed increasingly the more sought after by the Netizen. With the many advantages that can be obtained from this profession, such as earnings and also the popularity of so many people then want to seriously cultivate fields web log that takes the form of a web application. The existence of the bloggers nowadays are indeed getting existed because of the support of the more sophisticated technology and internet network as well as a moment of sharing via social media and instant messaging applications. Of this, more and more bloggers are profession interests. But to become a blogger, there are several things you need to understand, one is the basic capabilities. Yes, a blogger is indeed required to have some basic capabilities that could be delivered on a successful path. Then what are the basic capabilities which must be owned by a blogger?

Following his review.

1. The Science Of Coding

The first basic capability that you need to have for being a blogger is the ability or the science of coding (programming). Why need a science of coding? Because when you make a blog, then you will be required to adjust and set the template that you will use for the blog.

Well, the process of adjusting and regulating the blog template this is called coding. While the process of setting up and customizing the template of this blog You will indeed struggle with code-code to display can make the blog more interesting to view.

2. The science of writing and Journalism

Next, the ability or basic science that needs to be owned by someone who will be a blogger is writing skills and science journalism. Yes, to fill in the content or update the blog every day, you are indeed required to write an article. In the absence of an article or content, then your blog can be considered dead. Yes, that’s the ability to dig the idea of writing and also constructing the verbatim will be badly needed to be able to update your blog daily.

Besides, don’t forget with the journalistic code of ethics for you to learn. Because not all themes or topics you can write with as you wish. Because there are things that are forbidden and not worthy to be written and published in the mass media that you need to consider as a blogger. Well, things can be and is prohibited in the writing of the blog as one of the mass media is contained in the code of ethics of journalism.

3. The Science Of Design

Furthermore, the ability of the primary or basic science that needs to be owned by a man who wanted to become bloggers is the science of design. For what the design science? Of course to complement the writing you create with an image. Yes, the images are indeed also being decisive for the development of the blog.

The more interesting pictures that you show it will be getting many visitors who will later come to your blog is an interesting figure is also usually required to display the header of a blog. Well to make this interesting blog, then there is science or design ability you need to have in order to be able to create or display Your writing more interesting.

4.  Communications and social sciences

In the world of blogging, a blogger is indeed required to establish rapport with a lot of people, especially with other bloggers. Well to establish rapport with others, then it needed a basic ability of communication and social relationships.

Not only face-to-face in communities of bloggers, but when you communicate online via blog comments or chat group then you should also be able to communicate well. With communication and social relationships that either of these then you will get a lot of fellow bloggers that will be beneficial to the development of your blog in the future

5. The Science In Business Management

Lastly, science and basic capabilities which must be owned by a blogger is the science of business management. What to do with the business bloggers? Of course there is. So if you’re a blogger who uses the domain and paid hosting or paid template may then inevitably you will be required to count well to pay annual fees.

Well, it would be good fun and if those costs bear to you paid for with revenue from your blog. Therefore, try to learn the science of business management this well for the continuity and sustainability of your blog.


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