What Needs To Be Done When The Mobile Phone Is Lost?

Lost My Phone Apple

Who doesn’t panic when the mobile phone is lost? All of the people. But you don’t get freaked out too long. Calm yourself and remember what needs to be done when the mobile phone is lost.

The cause of the missing can be varied. Can stolen or just tucked away somewhere. But whatever it is, should still be wary. Mobile is the personal items that contain personal data (information, documents, photos, passwords, etc.).

Please follow the below way as step secure the lost mobile phone.

1. Use the Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager

Lost My Phone How Can I Track It

With this feature you can track your mobile phone, dial (ring ringtone), lock the phone, to remove the contents of the phone. To use this feature, you must first set them up on the phone. To be sure, turn on the GPS location or feature in mobile. Use this feature to keep track of your mobile. Who knows just tucked away or be had again.

2. Change password

The password is stored on the mobile phone of yours can range from password, email, storage cloud, social media accounts, to online banking. This is certainly a dangerous if mobile phone fell into the evil tempered swordsman. It’s good if you are using the password manager application. Thus, you can log all passwords, and change them quickly. In addition, you can also create passwords that are difficult to guess.

3. Contact provider

Tell the provider you use, and consult with them in the procedure of loss. Especially if you post paid customers. Asked whether the service can be paused and how to keep the number can be used in other devices.

Remember, the phone number is also often used as a media service or application authentication credentials.

4. Contact the bank

If you often use mobile phones for transactions, do not forget to tell the bank to question this issue. Good for your account or credit card. Lest there be that leverages mobile-mu to conduct financial transactions.

5. Contact the important

Don’t forget to contact people, close or important in the round. Parents, bosses, co-workers, and others. We know that fraud often happens through mobile. By telling people who are often in touch with yourself, you can avoid the misuse of mobile phone is missing it.

6. Reset phone remotely

As a final step, if there is no possibility of mobile, again, reset the remote phone feature with Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager. Please keep in mind, when you do a reset, you lose the ability to track the phone.


That’s a few steps that you can do when the lost mobile phone. If the mobile phone just tucked away, use the Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager will solve the problem. But if it really is lost (or stolen), securing the data and avoid bigger losses must be a priority.


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