Whatsapp Delete Message Feature (latest features)

Whatsapp finally allows users to delete messages that have been sent to your friend or family

Its newest feature presents back WhatsApp. Now the most popular instant messaging application that provides a clear message sent.

This new option allows users to delete messages that have been sent to everyone. So users no need to worry when you send a chat, then suddenly changed his mind. Note that the message has been sent that were still within seven minutes after the message was sent.

Then how can its use?

Delete messages on WhatsApp is divided into two options. For yourself or everyone. For yourself means only deleting messages sent and received from mobile phone users themselves. While the same message cannot be deleted on the phone caller.

How to remove the message for yourself:

1. Open the WhatsApp message you want to delete

2. . Press and hold the message

3. Press options to Delete or the trash bin icon

4. Select the Delete option for Me


So how to delete messages for yourself. Well, deleting a message for everyone to become a new feature of WhatsApp. With this capability, the user can delete messages that have been sent either on your phone or mobile phone users opposed to talking.

Interestingly, not only individual members, deletion of messages can be done in a group message. As for how much the same as the above points. It’s just that at the fourth step is replaced by choosing the option Delete for everyone.

Keep in mind again, there is a time limit for using the delete option for everyone. The message will be deleted if it is not passed from the seven minutes after posting.

If successful, a message that has been deleted will be replaced with the words “You deleted this message” on the cell phone users, whereas on a phone call will be inscribed the message “This message was deleted”

Whatsapp has several times doing a test feature and will release it to one billion users of that application.




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