Tips & Tricks To Use Instagram Stories Like An Expert

Now, Instagram is dominating the world with its highly visualized nature. It was launched in 2010, but the app we use today gives a different experience with updating many features. One feature that has largely gained more traction from people is Instagram stories. It was rolled out in August 2016 that more impeccably changed the way people interact online. As many users use it, more businesses started to take advantage of it to spotlight their brand.

However, using Instagram stories wisely will make your brand more familiar among users. So, if you want to grab the user’s attention efficiently, buy Instagram story views that help you stand ahead of the competition. In this article, learn a few Instagram stories to grow your audience. Let’s kickstart!

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories is one intriguing feature on Instagram that enables users to share photos and videos, which vanishes after 24 hours. With time, it plays a crucial role in business growth. It appears at the top of the user feed, so when users share posts, it is notified to other users. When you view a story, you can skip the front or back by clicking the left and right sides of the posts. As per the study, it influences users to use the platform more often. The real fact is that as it disappears after 24 hours, it creates a sense of urgency to watch the posts. That’s the reason it gets much attention from the users. If you are trying to advance your engagement, you can also start to buy Instagram impressions and grab the attention of your audience instantly.

Instagram Stories Type You Can Create On Instagram

If you are creating Instagram stories content, there are different options that you can use and post the content. Let’s explore!

  1. Type: It enables you to type the message on a colorful background. Using this setting, you can make your words shine on the platform. You can easily vary the color by clicking the icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner and choosing the font style by clicking at the top of the icon.
  2. Music: You can record a video for a specific music track or add music for an image. Search for the song and select it if you want to include the music.
  3. Live: Click ‘Start Live Video’ to notify your followers that you are on live.
  4. Normal: This setting appears if you open the story creator. It enables you to take photos, record videos, or upload posts from your camera.
  5. Boomerang: It takes a burst of photos that continuously loops to create an animation. Click the main icon that the screen flashes and take photos quickly.
  6. Focus: It focuses on the main feature by blurring the background. This works well to capture the user’s attention.
  7. Superzoom: This setting lets you zoom on a specific feature with a sound effect. By clicking on the music icon in the middle of the screen, you can choose bounce, dramatic beats, or TV show style and create a dramatic or humorous video.
  8. Rewind: You can reverse your movements like running or dancing on videos using this feature.
  9. Hands-Free: It helps record your videos without using your hands on your smartphone screen. This setting is perfect for creating content like workouts and makeup tutorials.
  10. Stop-Motion: Take a series of photos to create short animations and bring them to life using this setting.

Instagram Stories Hacks To Get More User’s Attention

Do you want to get users’ attention quickly? If so, follow these hacks that help make your Instagram stories posts pop up on the platform. You can make the users interested in your posts by utilizing the below features.

  • Take advantage of face filters to include bunny ears, glasses, etc.
  • Include text to your Instagram story posts.
  • Draw and paint on your Instagram story posts.
  • Use a color background effect to reveal the hidden image.
  • Swipe to include a filter to your Instagram story.
  • Add stickers such as hashtags, location, poll countdown stickers, etc., to Instagram stories.
  • Add a link to your Instagram story.

Post Your Instagram Story

Once you have created the stories posts, post them by clicking ‘Your story.’ The most intriguing posts will get a high response from the users. The playtime of stories is 15 seconds, and if you have a lengthy video, split it using the apps and play it in a sequence. Moreover, don’t forget Instagram story highlights, where you can store the top-performing posts and the posts you like to promote later.

Wrapping It Up

After reading this article, show off your endless creativity using the powerful Instagram stories feature and effortlessly increase your engagement. Moreover, more excitingly, build long-lasting relationships with your potential customers.

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